Equipping Christians for the NI Assembly Elections

Green Party Manifesto – Where They Stand on our Issues
Green Party Manifesto – Where They Stand on our Issues avatar

Today the Green Party released their manifesto for the Assembly Election.

The full Manifesto is available to read here, but below are a few extracts that relate to subjects

covered on the Engage 17 Website can be found below:


“Whilst the Green Party has been putting forward progressive and positive solutions to Northern Ireland’s problems, including promoting marriage equality and reform of our archaic laws, we have been frustrated at the lack of progress, wasted opportunities and the seemingly endless squabbling of the traditional parties.” (p12)

“Ensure equality of healthcare services for women, including the full decriminalisation of abortion, in line with calls by the British Pregnancy Advice Service, ensuring that abortion is always and only a decision for a woman after consultation with medical professionals.” (p13)

Assisted Suicide

“The Green Party will support dignity in dying.” (p13)

Human Trafficking

“The Green Party will end labour exploitation by ensuring that all migrant workers can access support agencies” (p12)


“We will ensure that Northern Ireland meets its human rights requirements. We will introduce marriage equality and decriminalise abortion, so that it is rightly considered solely a health issue, and the police and courts should not be involved.” (p8)

“The Green Party will introduce legislation for equal marriage.” (p15)

Religious Liberty and Equality

“The Green Party will update the Gender Recognition Act 2004 to provide transgender and non-binary in Northern Ireland with gender recognition processes based on self-declaration.” (p15)

“The Green Party will ensure comprehensive and age-appropriate relationship and sexuality education for all school pupils.” (p15)