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Alliance Party Manifesto – Where They Stand on our Issues
Alliance Party Manifesto – Where They Stand on our Issues avatar

Today the Alliance Party launched its manifesto.

The full Manifesto is available to read here, but below are a few extracts that relate to subjects covered on the Engage 17 Website can be found below:


“Our priorities for improving the rights of LGBT people include: introducing legislation to extend civil marriage provisions to same sex couples, including robust protections for faith groups and religious celebrants who do not wish to marry same-sex couples. Naomi Long was part of a cross-party effort to achieve this and will continue to pursue a private member’s bill after the election if necessary.” (p19)


“Alliance supports the ongoing development of maternity services that will provide state of the art infrastructure and evidence-based care to optimise the health, safety, equality and well-being of all women and babies, and is committed to the implementation of the Northern Ireland Maternity Strategy. Care should include locally accessible antenatal care, appropriate advice and support at all stages, sufficient perinatal mental health services, increased provision of midwife care for women during and after the birth and the reduction of perinatal ill health due to inequalities. Midwives should have an integral role at strategic level and provide midwife-led care options throughout Northern Ireland, and greater attention needs to be paid to workforce planning given the current age profile within the profession.” (p55)

Human Trafficking

“Alliance will continue to support the fight against slave labour, human trafficking and advocate the end of UK support for arms sales to countries engaged in these activities.” (p84)

Assisted Suicide

“Alliance supports the full implementation of the Palliative and End of Life Care Strategy and all hospice care in Northern Ireland. We support an adequate funding stream for this sector to allow services to be planned for, which will benefit the majority of the population, especially with an aging population. We are concerned that too many people are missing out on palliative care. It is important that a Palliative and End of Life Care Strategy for children is implemented and supported by appropriate levels of funding. We support the right of people to be involved in decision-making in relation to their care and the right to dignity.” (p55)

Religious Liberty

“Alliance will promote equality of opportunity, equality of treatment, equality of access, and equality under the law for all people, irrespective of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, religious belief, race and ethnicity, and political opinion.” (p14)

“Alliance advocates the creation of a Single Equality Act for Northern Ireland. This Act will harmonise existing equality and anti-discrimination measures and update and strengthen equality provisions. Our Act would also revise Fair Employment monitoring to better reflect the diversity of mixed and multiple identities within Northern Ireland. The introduction of the Equality Act (2010) in Great Britain means that in certain areas our legislation lags behind best practice. Alliance is deeply concerned about the rise in racial and religious hatred in Northern Ireland in recent years. This is a worrying trend and we believe it is necessary that the Executive takes immediate steps to strengthen and implement the current strategy. We want to guarantee that racial prejudice is diminished and equality of opportunity is developed.” (p17)

“Our priorities for improving the rights of LGBT people include:

  • Continuing to oppose the proposed ‘Conscience Clause’ which is poorly defined and is a charter for discrimination.
  • Lifting the ban on gay (and unmarried) couples adopting
  • Developing a comprehensive Strategy for Transgender People to ensure that the distinct needs of transgender people are reflected in public services and other areas of life. We will back this up with legislation if necessary.” (p21)

“Alliance will:

  • Continue to promote our unwavering commitment to freedom of, and from, religion across the world and oppose discrimination on the basis of religion or belief.
  • Promote lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights across the world. Use the UK’s role in the Commonwealth nations to make progress on protecting the rights of women, religious minorities and LGBT people.” (p83)