Equipping Christians for the NI Assembly Elections

TUV Manifesto – Where They Stand on our Issues
TUV Manifesto – Where They Stand on our Issues avatar

Recently the Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV) launched its manifesto.

The full Manifesto is available to read here, but below are a few extracts that relate to subjects covered on the Engage 17 Website can be found below:


“TUV will oppose any redefinition of marriage and defend traditional family values as outlined in the founding principles of the party, believing that that is the bedrock for the success of society. Sinn Fein want to force movement on this issue. TUV will not bend on the matter.” (p14)


“TUV does not believe that the unborn child should be denied his or her fundamental human rights.

Though there is a superficial plausibility within the promotion of abortion in cases of potentially fatal abnormalities, the experience of the 1967 Act in Great Britain is a salutary warning against such glib assurance. Although the 1967 Act appears to permit abortion only in restricted circumstances, in reality it swung open the door to abortion on demand. Who on reading the supposed restraints of Section 1 of the 1967 Act could imagine that under it over 8,000,000 babies would have been terminated!

It is also important to stress that the current law of Northern Ireland is not an absolute bar to abortion in, for example, a case of severe anencephaly. As the Bourne test makes clear, and as amplified by Girvan LJ in the 2009 Judicial Review, lawful termination is possible where there is a real and serious risk to a woman’s physical or mental health, which is either long term or permanent. Thus, the mother whose mental health is so damaged by carrying a child with fatal foetal abnormality can at present avail of lawful termination within Northern Ireland. In our view this is sufficient.” (p14)

Religious Liberty

“Even a Christian bakery is being persecuted for refusing to promote same sex marriage. We are opposed to YOUR money being used to persecute people with genuinely held beliefs. TUV proposed a vote on slashing the budget of the Equality Commission which has brought the case against Ashers Bakery. Shamefully all other parties in the Assembly – including the DUP – voted against the TUV proposal. The case against Ashers was funded by the Equality Commission. Remember the Equality Commission is funded by your taxes through the Executive Office. It is irrational to say that you oppose the needless action of the Equality Commission and yet oppose reducing their budget.” (p12)

“Public confidence in the rule of law in Northern Ireland has been badly shaken… However, it reached a new low when people saw Pastor McConnell – a man in his eighth decade with a clean record – dragged before the courts for comments made in his own pulpit about Islam and a family run business brought to court because of their refusal to ice a message on a cake.” (p38)