Equipping Christians for the NI Assembly Elections



We believe that every person is made in the image of God. We are therefore committed to championing equality and freedom of individuals, so  they are not coerced into or compelled to act in a way that deprives them of dignity or compromises their beliefs. Human trafficking, modern day slavery and exploitation in the commercial sex industry are violations of that fundamental truth. As Christians, we are called to bring freedom and restoration to those who are oppressed and abused in these ways. For suggestions on what to ask candidates in relation to these issues, have a look at our ‘Questions for Candidates‘ resource.

Human-Trafficking-New Prostitution Equality

Please note: The selection of causes covered in this website reflect the current particular focus of the charity CARE. Of course, there are likely to be other causes that matter to you, which CARE does not specialise in; we encourage you to consult other organisations specialising in such areas and to ask your MLA and local candidates about the full range of issues which concern you.